Flowmaster Super 10 Mandrel-Bent Dual Exhaust Kit


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Give your truck that rich, deep, aggressive rumble that you can feel inside and out, while experiencing the Performance Exhaust difference.

The Flowmaster Super 10 features single-chamber construction, and is the most aggressive sounding Flowmaster muffler. It has noticeable interior resonance – you’re going to hear it inside!



Our Dual Exhaust kits contain premium 2.5″ pipes, with superior-quality mandrel bends that will improve the exhaust flow and may give you the boost in power and fuel economy normally found in much more expensive systems. Our pipes are aluminized to increase lifespan and durability, and are exclusively custom-bent for us in Springfield, MO. These pipes exit under the rear of the truck, parallel with the outside edge of the frame rail. They are designed to clear the OEM-installed receiver hitch and OEM-sized spare tire. Our system is designed to fit all wheel-base applications. This basic kit includes everything from the muffler to the bumper.

Kit includes:

  • Performance high-flow Flowmaster Super 10 series muffler with Single 3″ inlet / Dual 2.5″ outlet
  • Aluminized, mandrel-bent multi-piece 2.5″ tail pipes with slip-together connections (no cheap couplers)
  • Multi-depth rubber-insulated hangers and appropriate muffler clamps
  • 3.5″ round x 18″ long WELD-ON chrome-plated tips

Please be aware:

  • OUR KITS ARE SEMI-UNIVERSAL –  Please consult our fit chart to determine whether or not it will fit your vehicle.
  • WE REQUIRE PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION, which may incur an additional cost. 
  • FABRICATION MAY BE REQUIRED.  We DO NOT provide any portion of the exhaust in front of the muffler. Additional parts & fabrication may be necessary and is to be determined by the installer. 
  • Any type of suspension modification/wheel and tire altercation may affect system clearances.
  • Fits only gas applications
  • Fits only applications that came factory with a single inlet muffler!
  • Late model (2015 and newer) may require the spare placement to be adjusted.
  • Late model GM trucks may require the electronic brake control box placement to be adjusted.

Additional information

Weight 55 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 21 × 9 in

Weld-On Chrome Tips, Weld-On Black Powder-Coated Tips, No Tips